Semiconductors: Clean room assembly

Clean Room AssemblyClean room assembly is a specialist service in which components, devices or materials are put together in a highly environmentally controlled area, to ensure the required cleanliness levels, integrity, reliability and consistency of product output.

As well as being controlled for pressure, temperature and humidity, clean rooms also have very clean atmospheres in which the concentration of airborne particles is closely monitored and regulated. In the semiconductor industry, clean room assembly is a vital part of the manufacture of highly sensitive microelectronic components, many of which are often very small and delicate.

Sub system assembly  

Pronexos is highly experienced at delivering a range of clean room operations, including component and sub-system assembly and testing. We have been operating under clean room conditions for five decades, delivering highly sensitive components for use in gas centrifuge enrichment equipment. Today, our clean room facilities at our site in Almelo, the Netherlands are in constant use providing clean room assembly services for various customers, including highly sensitive flow meters and controllers for liquids and gases.

‘Lean’ clean room assembly

Clean room assembly is undoubtedly about the quality and consistency of the output – and Pronexos can offer not only the right conditions but also a team of highly experienced clean room operators. Furthermore, we are highly experienced at designing and implementing ‘lean’ process flow techniques to deliver efficiencies to the clean room assembly process. “Pronexos has the skilled technicians, the capacity, the advanced facilities and the clean room experience to help any customer design a highly efficient and effective clean room assembly process” explains Commercial Director Pieter Folkers. “Furthermore, we can boast an enviable record of long-term relationships in supplying many of the leading names in the semiconductor industry, in the Netherlands, Germany and across Europe.”