Industrial services

Pronexos Industrial services division makes use of our exceptional range of facilities, machinery, process and experience to offer a range of high-quality processes and services for specialist applications across industry. These services include:

Specialist welding and pipework

Pronexos offers a range of specialist welding capabilities, especially in the area of aluminium welding and pipework, where we have significant experience providing leak-tight tested welds in difficult and unusual circumstances, working with aluminium, stainless steel or specialist materials. Read more about specialist welding and pipework.

Laboratory services

Pronexos can boast state of the art measuring and testing facilities at both sites in the Netherlands and Germany. Our materials laboratories enable us to provide a wide range of non-destructive testing and destructive test, as well as highly accurate measuring and other laboratory services. Read more about laboratory services.

Mechanical engineering

Pronexos boasts very strong capabilities in mechanical engineering, offering a mature combination of manufacturing, design and innovation capabilities with a stable and highly experienced team of engineers, designers, innovators, project leaders and supply chain managers. Read more about mechanical engineering.

Flow forming

Pronexos has significant experience in manufacturing flow formed precision tubes for innovative and special applications in industries like aerospace, printing and packaging. We can offer state-of-the-art flow machinery, highly experienced operators and a range of complementary facilities and services. Read more about flow forming.

Vacuum heat treatment & brazing

Pronexos can offer a range of heat treatment processes including high vacuum brazing and annealing, using our advanced pressure furnaces. With advanced knowledge of heat treatment processes and decades of experience we offer significant engineering capability and expertise for heat treatments. Read more about vacuum heat treatment & brazing.

Electron beam welding

EB welding allows very close monitoring of the welding process and enables a high degree of reproducibility for each weld. Pronexos EB welding process is carried out in a vacuum in a clean room environment. Read more about electron beam welding.