Managing Director

Pieter Folkers

Pieter is the Managing Director of Pronexos in Germany and The Netherlands. He joined the company in 1995, and has worked as QA Manager, Procurement Manager and Commercial Director. He graduated from the University of Twente in Industrial Engineering and has broad international experience in various industry sectors.
+31 (0) 54654 4030

Managing Director Pronexos GmbH

Stefan Kirchhoff

Stefan is the Managing Director of the Pronexos site at Jülich, Germany. Stefan graduated from RWTH Aachen as an Engineer and has been with the company since 2003. Stefan specialises in strategic development and project management, and has extensive experience of supply chain management and IT in the energy and manufacturing sectors.
+49 (0) 2461 65 7300

Managing Director Pronexos B.V.

Leon Lagendijk

Leon is the Managing Director for the Pronexos site at Almelo, The Netherlands. He joined in 2008, having previously worked as a Technical Director, Plant Manager and Project Manager in the aerospace and energy industries. Leon is a graduate from Delft University of Technology, and holds a Masters in Aerospace Engineering.
+31 (0) 54654 4030

Head of Sales – CFRP rollers

Philipp Kroschner

Philipp is Sales Engineer for Pronexos in the composite roller industry and manages the business development of our advanced roller product capabilities. Philipp has a wealth of experience in design and production of composite materials for all applications, especially in the printing and packaging industry.
+31 (0) 54654 4030

Sales Manager

Jorn de Noord

Jorn is the youngest member of our team and works as Sales Manager for Pronexos. He is in charge of all kinds of CFRP rollers, particularly contact and guide rollers, with a strong focus on the printing and packaging industry. Jorn has a degree in Business Administration from Enschede.
+31 (0) 54654 5602

Sales Manager

Frank Wissink

With an extensive background in mechanical engineering, Frank is deeply involved in Pronexos’ activities in the aerospace and semiconductor industries. He has many years of experience in planning and delivering a range of highly technical industrial processes and solutions, including electron beam welding, brazing & heat treatment.
+31 (0) 54654 4030

Marketing Manager

Lotte Veldsink

Lotte is the Marketing Manager for Pronexos. Lotte is in charge of all the marketing activities concerning Pronexos. Lotte has followed the study International Business and Languages and is a graduate in Business Administration from Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen.
+31 (0) 54654 4030