Advanced CFRP Products

Carbon fibre is a specialist material used for advanced product development and manufacturing across many industrial applications. Its key properties are its light weight, high strength and durability. This mix of properties makes CFRP (carbon fibre reinforced plastics) products ideal for all types of advanced engineering and manufacturing solutions.

Pronexos specialises in developing advanced CFRP products and applications. We have decades of experience in designing and manufacturing advanced carbon fibre solutions. As well as design and research capabilities, we offer a range of specialised technological expertise in-house. This unique combination of capabilities enables us to manage the complete development and production of advanced CFRP products from our facilities in the Netherlands and Germany.

This makes Pronexos an ideal partner for companies seeking to design and develop advanced CFRP solutions, especially those which also require other industrial processes such as EB welding, flow forming or clean room assembly.

Why work with Pronexos?

  • We are ideally placed to meet market demand for complex applications that can benefit from vertically integrated production processes
  • We have the experience and knowhow to quickly implement efficient process standardisation on the manufacture of complex CFRP items
  • We have the capacity and capability to take on and deliver complex projects that our competitors in the CFRP sector cannot