Specialist welding and pipework

Pronexos can offer a wide range of highly-specialist welding services and expertise. Our heritage in European nuclear technology has given us unparalleled experience in providing fully industrialised leak-tight welding services in aluminium, stainless steel and other materials.

We have been working with gas-tight welds for over forty years and have developed the skills to be able to design, manufacture and deliver a wide range of specialist welding services and applications. Working with aluminium, stainless steel or specialist materials, we offer the following cross-welding skills and services:

  • Machine welding
  • Orbital welding
  • Stationary welding
  • Manual welding
  • Welding process analysis
  • A full range of non-destructive testing to ensure quality of welds (includes digital radiography, endoscopy, ultrasonic testing, leak testing, dye penetrant testing)
  • Project management, design and consultancy

Aluminium welding

Pronexos specialises in highly skilled aluminium welding services for industrial applications, often working where other welding suppliers cannot achieve the quality required or where the complexity of the welds require special skills.


We provide quality welding services and products to customers in aluminium pipework manufacturing and installation.

Welding Project Services

Pronexos is also highly skilled in providing the project services management & consultancy support that go with technical or complex welding challenges. We offer:

  • Significant expertise and experience in designing welding solutions to unusual challenges
  • Experienced project management resource
  • Product design service
  • Manufacturing capability

Quality welds every time

When it comes to high-end specialized welding services, our record speaks for itself:

  • Pronexos welds on pressure vessels have lasted for forty years in low-pressure high-speed situations
  • Our welders have significant experience working in producing gas-tight welds (helium leak tight), both for UF6 and SF6 and other toxic and hazardous substances


Pieter Folkers

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