Pronexos joins ERA

Manufacturer of advanced carbon fibre rollers extends its business network by becoming a member of long-established alliance.


Pronexos (formerly known as EMS) is now a member of the European Rotogravure Association (ERA). Effective 1st July the manufacturer of advanced carbon fibre rollers uses the opportunity to join the long-established business alliance to grow its network throughout the printing, film, and paper production and converting industries.

Carbon fibre roller expertise

“ERA is hosting some 100 members from Europe and overseas”, comments ERA Secretary General James Siever, “but Pronexos will be the first and only supplier completely specialising in carbon fibre rollers and related technology for our industry. This is going to add a new view and expertise to our group. We are very much looking forward to our collaboration.”

Carbon fibre rollers can provide significant benefits over traditional rollers for customers throughout the printing, film, and paper production and converting industries. Compared to steel or aluminium rollers, carbon fibre (CFRP) rollers are faster, lighter and safer. This results in increased production speeds, energy savings due to weight reduction, as well as reduced handling times for a safe and simple change over.

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