Tonex® is a resin-based composite coating for rollers that has been designed to meet the specific needs of the printing and packaging markets, although it has other applications too. Tonex® offers several compelling advantages:

  • Very high wear and abrasion resistance for its price point
  • High resistance to chemicals and corrosion
  • Lighter and cheaper than ceramic or metal alternatives
  • Significantly easier to machine (fine adjustments to size and shape can be made on a Tonex®-coated roller) enabling patterns, grooving and other shapes to be applied easily
  • Easy to repair. The standard application of Tonex® is a thin layer about 1.5mm thick, so small areas of damage on Tonex®-coated rollers can be easily fixed, which can add considerably to the operational lifespan of a roller.

The combination of hardness, machinability and price point makes Tonex® an informed choice for roller customers looking for improvements on ceramic and metal rollers in a wide range of applications.

A full range of coatings

Tonex® has been developed over the last four years using Pronexos’ advanced research and development capabilities, which include materials laboratories and extensive testing equipment. Pronexos currently offers two product variants of the Tonex® coating: a regular version and a conductive variant. New variants are in the pipeline, including coloured versions and other customised applications.

For further information, download our Tonex® Composite Coating brochure below.



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