Clean room assembly

At Pronexos our manufacturing expertise in clean room assembly and other clean room services stems from our company’s heritage in the uranium enrichment supply chain. We understand the requirements of exceptionally high standards of performance in clean room activities and can offer decades of experience in process design and application.

Our facilities

Pronexos has several clean rooms for the processing and assembly of components in The Netherlands and Germany. Our clean room facilities are supported by highly experienced clean room staff with extensive knowhow in clean room situations, honed in the manufacture and assembly of precision parts for the nuclear energy industry, many of which have subsequently run trouble-free for decades. If you want it done right, Pronexos is an ideal partner to help with clean room tasks.

This expertise is available to customers in the semi-conductor industry where highly precise and clean assembly is always required.

Pronexos can offer customers:

  • Modern, fully equipped clean room facilities
  • Clean room expertise in a wide range of requirements
  • A highly skilled, flexible workforce of clean room engineers and technicians
  • A full range of high-end assembly services

Both temperature and humidity are computer controlled to ensure precision manufacturing and assembly at all times. Our rooms are certified to ISO Class 7.


Pronexos can offer a number of services under clean room conditions, including:

  • Heat treatments & brazing
  • Electron beam welding


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