Our mechanical engineering capability

Pronexos boasts very strong capabilities in mechanical engineering, offering a mature combination of manufacturing, design and innovation capabilities with a stable and highly experienced team of engineers, designers, innovators, project leaders and supply chain managers.

At both our sites in The Netherlands and Germany we can offer a wide range of services including:

  • Extensive machinery and machining capability across two sites
  • Clean rooms for assembly, and very clean manufacturing environments
  • A Mechanical Design office
  • A mechanical and machining workshop
  • Extensive cleaning skills
  • A range of testing capabilities offered by our materials laboratory for testing and product development
  • Strong manufacturing experience and skills across all our services.

Mechanical design office

Pronexos design office offers a range of design services from component design, manufacturing process optimisation and product development through to designing complex pipework installations.

  • mechanical and design engineering
  • modelling for materials and pressure testing
  • engineering consultancy
  • cleaning processes and equipment consultancy.

Product optimisation

At Pronexos we are highly skilled at working collaboratively with customers to find innovative solutions and incremental efficiencies. Across a range of industries, from space rockets to tiny semi-conductors, we look at component manufacturing processes, techniques and layouts; materials usage and testing; manufacturing and product design improvements.


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