Measuring and industrial testing services

Pronexos can offer customers the use of a very well-equipped 400m2 Materials Laboratory on our site at Almelo, as well as similar facilities in Jülich in Germany. These facilities are capable of delivering a range of measuring and testing services, including:

  • Advanced Microscopy using a range of different microscopes, as well as a range of sawing, sanding and polishing tools for e.g. metallographic analysis of welds and materials. The electron microscope is equipped with EDX-energy dispersive X-ray analysis tool for rapid recognition of the chemical nature of a sample.
  • Tensile testing machines for the determination of the tensile strength, elongation at break, fatigue and fracture growth and compression module.
  • Several hardness indentation testers for the determination of Vickers and Brinell hardness of metals, Shore A and D for polymers, and microhardness indentation for analysis of metallographic samples.
  • Thermal analysis using a range of techniques and equipment to determine thermal properties of materials, g. determination of the glass transition temperature of thermoset resins and TGA- thermo gravimetric analysis in combination with FT-IR- fast fourier transform infrared spectroscopy on gaseous products.
  • Rheology – Viscosimetry is the science of deformation and flow within a material. In order to determine the viscosity of materials such as resins, polymers or paints.
  • Analysis of organic substances e.g. polymers, liquids and/or oil, using advanced infrared spectroscopy. Highly useful for analysis of stains and dyes on cleaned surfaces.

Non-destructive testing (NDT)

Pronexos also offers customers a full suite of non-destructive testing capabilities, with a dedicated NDT room in the materials lab, where we undertake:

  • Penetrant testing to find and analyse material discontinuities such as cracks and pores in welds
  • Eddy Current testing, enabling the identification of both surface and sub-surface imperfections in conductive materials

The Pronexos materials testing laboratory services

Our laboratory contains a range of advanced testing and measuring equipment and is staffed by a very experienced team. This facility enables Pronexos to offer customers enhanced product development, improved QA and advanced research and development support. Find out more about the Pronexos materials laboratory.


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