Advanced complex projects

Pronexos is an advanced engineering company with a huge range of competencies, skills and services all under one roof. We work on innovative projects which push the boundaries of what is achievable when cutting-edge technologies meet advanced precision engineering.

We pursue projects in which we can use our multi-faceted skills and specialist knowledge across the entire production line, taking our customers from product concept and design to application delivery.

Pronexos’ ideal customer is a company that will collaborate with us at every stage to deliver a complete end-to-end product or prototype development. With our advanced engineering capabilities spanning the entire supply chain, we offer true vertical integration that supports our customers to design, develop and deliver the next generation of their products.

We can also work with customers on optimising designs and manufacturing processes to achieve greater efficiency, applying lean manufacturing practises to create high-quality, cost-effective manufacturing and engineering solutions.

An ideal OEM partner

At Pronexos we are ideally suited to working with OEMs. As a company, we are set up to work in partnership with our customers and are focused on strengthening these partnerships through performance. Winning and establishing the trust of our customers is our first priority.