Carbon fibre

Pronexos has decades of experience working with carbon fibre for tailor-made customer products. Our innovative work with this industry-leading material is always adapting for new, challenging briefs and applications as we grow our capabilities.

Carbon fibre in practice

Pronexos use carbon fibre in a variety of applications for several of our customers. Carbon-fibre-reinforced-polymers (CFRP) are extremely strong, light materials, that are highly effective in an increasing number of consumer and technical applications.

Carbon fibre rollers

CFRP rollers are highly strong components used in conveyor systems and other manufacturing assembly lines and processes. Pronexos design and produce custom CFRP rollers for a range of industries including printing, packaging, non-woven & textile.

Carbon fibre innovation

Pronexos is the ideal partner for ambitious companies looking to develop advanced CFRP products to help them succeed through innovation. We are always pursuing and exploring new ways to innovate with carbon fibre in collaboration with our customers.