CFRP carbon fibre pressure vessels for space applications

Pronexos is a skilled and versatile designer and manufacturer of specialist CFRP pressure vessels for space applications such as:

  • Landing gear systems on large passenger jets
  • Type 4 pressure vessels for use in fire suppression systems in cargo holds
  • Many other potential applications where pressurised inert gas may be used.

Our capacity allows us to manufacture wet-filament wound Type 4 carbon fibre pressure vessels that can withstand up to 700bar pressure and demonstrate a very high strength-to-weight ratio. These highly tested vessels can withstand extreme conditions of pressure and temperature.

Our engineers are highly experienced in designing innovative solutions for difficult spaces, such as in hydrogen-cell-powered vehicles. We have worked on type 4 pressure vessels for more than 4 decades, and many of the products we have manufactured over that time are still operating successfully today.

For further information, download our Pressure vessels brochure.



Frank Wissink

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