The Netherlands – Almelo

Pronexos B.V. is based in Almelo, in the Twente region of the Eastern Netherlands. Almelo is about two hours travel from Amsterdam Schiphol airport, and is easily reached by train or car from there.

Germany – Jülich

Pronexos GmbH is based in Jülich in the federal state of North-Rhine Westphalia. Our site at Jülich is within 60 minutes’ travel from both Düsseldorf and Cologne airports.

Find us in The Netherlands

Pronexos B.V.
Planthofsweg 77
7601 PJ Almelo

+31 (0) 54654 4030


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Leon Lagendijk
Managing Director Pronexos B.V.

Find us in Germany

Pronexos GmbH
Stetternicher Staatsforst
52428 Jülich

+49 (0) 2461 65 7300


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