Carbon fibre innovation

Carbon fibre is a modern manufacturing material with a huge range of industrial applications and practical advantages over alternatives like metal and ceramics.

At Pronexos, we are always exploring new ways to apply our in-house expertise and four decades of CFRP experience to new challenges. We have the drive, capacity and capability to push boundaries and innovate successfully using CFRP. Our experience covers advanced product development in sectors as diverse as aviation, space, the rollers and printing industries, pressure vessels for gas storage, advanced industrial product design, and aviation.

Support for innovation

Pronexos is the ideal partner for ambitious companies looking to develop ground-breaking products to help them succeed through innovation. We are ideally set up to partner with companies that want to break the mould using CFRP.

  • We put tailor-made product development at the heart of every project
  • We can support and manage all aspects of supply chain management, from purchasing to storage, and everything in between
  • We work with industry-leading customers in a number of forward-thinking sectors, prioritising projects that focus on advancing technologies

“Non-standard” as standard

At Pronexos, we apply innovation, non-standard products and complex solutions to difficult challenges. We do not produce a catalogue of standard products – instead, we combine our technical expertise with our manufacturing capacity to create advanced bespoke solutions.