Pronexos: our expertise in carbon fibre

Carbon fibre roller productionPronexos is a highly skilled and experienced supplier of carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) products, with extensive manufacturing facilities in both Germany and The Netherlands as well as significant research and development capability.

Our expertise for creating CFRP products like rollers stems from our background in the energy industry. As a global leader in its business Pronexos’s parent company designs, manufactures, installs and maintains high-end CFRP components used in facilities in Europe and the US.

Decades of experience in carbon fibre

This gives Pronexos nearly four decades of experience in using carbon fibre to make products which must survive and function well in highly demanding environments. We are experts in creating safe, innovative and cost-effective solutions for these environments.

Pronexos uses carbon fibre products to provide high quality, reliable high strength products with a range of innovative approaches to improve performance or deliver specific properties. Our history and current capabilities enable us to deliver:

  • High-end manufacturing of advanced CFRP products such as rollers for the printing and packaging industries
  • Significant expertise and engineering capability, gleaned from decades of producing CFRP products for the nuclear energy industry
  • Very high standards of compliance and performance in safety, security, documentation and traceability of products.

If you would like to know more about Pronexos and our capabilities in CFRP manufacturing, please get in touch.