Our supply chain management capabilities

Pronexos offers full supply chain management services for customers in the semi-conductor industry. Our approach is grounded in the delivery and assurance of high quality levels right across the supply chain. With more than four decades of experience in managing highly complex supply chains, Pronexos is well placed to provide a full service or simply some elements of your supply chain management needs.

Our capabilities in the area of supply chain management include:

  • Highly experienced in-house purchasing staff and system
  • An extensive supplier network of over 3000 suppliers across Europe, and globally
  • Significant warehousing capacity combined with an advanced warehouse management system
  • Extremely clean manufacturing areas
  • A strong commitment to quality and logistics excellence

An unparalleled supplier network

With our heritage in manufacturing highly sensitive and delicate components for the energy industry, we have evolved an impressive network of suppliers. These suppliers are regularly profiled to ensure that they are familiar with and can comply with our high standards of work.
We call these standards QLTC and they comprise:

  • Quality – are we receiving the right level of conformance?
  • Logistics – does our supplier match our high expectations for logistical performance?
  • Technology – is our supplier using tech to improve the quality and service they give us?
  • Costs – are we paying the right price, and can we save money through efficiency?

We regularly monitor all our suppliers against these QLTC standards.


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