Pronexos appears on Dutch TV

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Pronexos has recently featured on local Dutch television programme, ‘De Barometer’. The programme shares success stories from innovative businesses and is broadcast every Sunday at 17:30 on the RTL-Z channel in the Netherlands.

A film crew and presenter visited the site in Almelo and toured Pronexos’ state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and extensive capabilities for manufacturing carbon fibre rollers. This included the new investments which enable Pronexos to manufacture high-precision rollers up to 6 metres long.

When Managing Director of Pronexos, Leon Lagendijk, was interviewed by the film crew, he was keen to stress the environmental benefits of carbon fibre rollers. “Developments in the marketplace are leading towards sustainability and energy-savings” he explained. “Our products are a light and strong solution that ultimately save energy for our customers in the large printing machine industry.”

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Please note this video is in Dutch

“Pronexos provides hi-tech products and services to various markets” added Lagendijk. “Among other things, we produce complex composite rollers for the publishing and packaging industries. These products are used, for example, in magazines and crisp and sweet wrappers.”

Lagendijk then went on to explain the manufacturing process in detail, including the winding, curing, turning, measuring and testing stages. He also used the opportunity to explain how Pronexos products and services are helping to deliver carbon-saving solutions in other areas too, such as the aviation and aerospace industry.

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