Space services

Pronexos is a supplier of specialist industrial services and expertise to the space industry. The space industry demands very high standards from suppliers and Pronexos can offer a range of complementary services and products which have been certified and audited to the highest international standards. We offer a range of services including:

Pressure vessel applications

Pronexos is a highly experienced maker of Type 4 pressure vessel applications using carbon fibre (CFRP) wet filament winding. We are well-versed in designing pressure vessel solutions for difficult or unique situations, and our CFRP pressure vessels are suitable for a range of space applications. Read more about pressure vessel applications.

Flow forming of precision tubes

Pronexos has more than 50 years’ experience in making precision tailored, cold formed tubes. We use high quality flow formed cold solidification to create high strength, precision pipes that are accurately measured to 0.01mm. Our precision tubes offer high strength and accuracy using electron beam welding in a vacuum environment to create very pure joints with the minimum of distortion. Read more about flow forming.

Vacuum brazing and heat treatment

Pronexos have multiple furnaces capable of reaching 1,200ºC with a high vacuum. Our material specialists work with customers every step of the way to ensure they get exactly what they want out of each material. Other companies offer heat treatment, but no-one else offers the same combination of industry accreditation, material knowledge and traceability that Pronexos can provide. Read more about vacuum heat treatment & brazing.

Quality, traceability, and security

Pronexos’ company heritage in the nuclear industry means that good quality performance, complete documentation and rock-solid traceability for every component, and the strongest physical and digital security are in our company’s DNA. Pronexos is certified to undertake the Brazing and Heat treatment of  parts under EN 9100:2009 Quality Management Systems. Read more about quality, traceability, and security.