Our Purpose

At Pronexos, our purpose is to provide excellent products and services to the high-tech industries in which we operate, and to build value in our company through innovative, quality performance that delights our customers.

Our Values

Our core values underpin our behaviours, and how we interact with customers, suppliers and all our stakeholders. They are:

Innovation through experience

Pronexos offers the experience of 50 years of heritage in highly specialized, high-quality, innovative design, development, engineering and manufacturing services, all under one roof. We have the knowhow to deliver products and services efficiently and we have the infrastructure and commercial acumen to help support our customers’ success.

The right quality

At Pronexos we are used to producing the right quality where it matters. Our skilled engineers use high-quality materials, resources and facilities to deliver a range of specialist products and services. Pronexos is the ideal partner to work with if you value consistent, innovative, quality output, high performance and added value.

Excellence through partnership

Pronexos is an ideal choice to partner with for ambitious manufacturing and engineering companies. We believe that strong relationships build better businesses. We are highly experienced at working in regulated and secure environments and we deliver through highly qualified and experienced staff with specialist expertise. We deliver on time, to high standards, securely, with full documentation and traceability. We are a partner you can trust.