The process

A high energy and extremely focused beam of electrons is used to join metals, with no filler metal required. This approach results in a small heat-affected zone with minimal distortion, while the bulk of the assembly remains cold and stable.

The welds produced are narrow and deep (up to 30 mm) and as it takes place in a vacuum we can achieve almost pore-free welds. Computer controls ensure minimal operator dependence and a high degree of reproducibility.

EBW lets us weld oxygen-greedy materials and materials with high thermal conductivity. Pronexos can weld a range of materials, including – but not limited to – reinforced steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, titanium, zirconium and niobium.


  • Deep penetration
  • Near parent metal strength
  • Narrow fusion zone
  • Minimum component distortion
  • Precision repeatability
  • High accuracy welding.

Our capabilities

Licensed EB welding machines: EB1’s chamber is 2800 x 1210 x 1000 mm, EB2’s chamber is 650 x 850 x 640 mm, EB3 scheduled to be in operation in June 2018

  • High volume production
  • Metallurgical laboratory for quality inspections
  • Functional (leak) testing
  • Vacuum heat treatments that are NADCAP-accredited
  • Materials laboratory, and engineering and R&D centres.

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