As part of our specialist Industrial Services division, Pronexos is able to offer customers a range of clean room services for industrial applications, including:

  • Clean room assembly
  • Clean room processing
  • Clean room process design and application
  • Industrial cleaning

Our clean room experience

As well as assembly services in the semi-conductor industry, Pronexos has significant experience in fulfilling clean room services in other applications across industry, including:

  • Delicate or sensitive electronics, such as measuring or testing equipment
  • Processing and assembly of components
  • Highly precise and clean assembly at any stage of component manufacture

We offer exceptionally high standards of performance in clean room activities.

Clean room services

Pronexos’ heritage as a supplier of specialist services to the nuclear industry has given us the skills, experience and equipment needed to offer clean room services to a very high standard.

We offer:

  • Modern, fully equipped clean room facilities, temperature and humidity controlled, certified to ISO Class 7
  • Expertise and experience in a wide range of clean room requirements
  • Highly skilled and flexible clean room technicians
  • A full range of high-end assembly services

Our clean room facilities are located at Almelo in the Netherlands and at Jülich in Germany.