CFRP roller products

Technical specification for all roller products

Maximum Length: 6.000 mm; Minimum Inner Diameter: 20 mm; Maximum Outer Diameter: 600 mm; Fibres: Glass fibre, HT, HM, UHM, UUHM; High-performance filament wet winding; Wall thickness: < 0,5 mm; Automated mixing and dispending of resins; Distinguished Laminate and surface quality for rubber coating – and surface finish for gumming.

Guide rollers menu image

Guide Rollers

Pronexos can supply guide rollers which are smooth running, and with a highly wear-resistant surface.

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CFRP tubes

Carbon fibre-reinforced polymer (CFRP) tubes are used in many areas of lightweight engineering, to offer a stronger and lighter solution.

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CFRP roller body

Pronexos can manufacture a CFRP roller bodies that are lightweight and offer high temperature resistance.

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Dancer rollers

Dancer rollers make use of carbon fibre’s lightweight properties to enable better web tension control.

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Bubble collapsing rollers

Bubble collapsing rollers are a specialist roller required for the needs of blown-film production.

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Contact rollers

CFRP contact rollers from Pronexos offer a combination of high rigidity and low deflection.

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Expander rollers

CFRP expander rollers from Pronexos offer a key property which is extremely low deflection.

Ink application rollers menu image

Ink application rollers

These CFRP rollers for the printing industry from Pronexos offer a key property of very low deflection.

Ink transfer rollers menu image

Ink transfer rollers

These CFRP rollers for the printing industry from Pronexos are used for the transfer of ink in offset printing machines.